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5 Easy (Many FREE!) Fixes to Do Prior to Listing Your Home for Sale

5 Easy Fixes

Getting Your Home Ready to List for Sale

So you’ve made up your mind to List and Sell your home. You have read tons of articles on what to do and your family and friends have all given you their 2 cents of what they also think you should do. Panic sets in about taking down your kid’s pictures or storing your furniture. STOP!!

Listen, that advice may or may not work well for your particular situation and that is where a great real estate professional comes in. However, I want to focus on the 5 things that every single home owner should do prior to listing their home for sale regardless of the price of the home, the neighborhood or even the budget for repairs which in case are need we recommend to hire someone from our locations across town or online. Five things that everyone can and should do!

Easy Fix #1 – Air Filters / Grates

Costs less than $10 and some elbow grease: A quick and easy fix that goes a long way is to put new air filters in. But just don’t stop there. Pull that grate off and clean it really good. Get that grime and dirt out of those cracks and crevices. If left dirty it shouts to the buyer that there may be issues down the line with their new AC due to poor maintenance. It really can be a turn off to someone with bad allergies. So grab a bucket of water and scrub brush. Take a Saturday afternoon and clean all the air vents / grates in you home.

Easy Fix #2 – Clean those Ceiling Fan Blades

Just some elbow grease: When your ceiling fan is spinning all looks and feels good. But have you ever stopped the fan and looked at the blades closely? Unless you know where I’m already going with this I dare you to look. Those blades are like dust magnets. I will guarantee you there is an inch of dust around the rim of the blades and even more on top. So take a few moments, stop the fans, grab the ladder and clean those fans! Oh, and not just the blades, but look on top of the rim as well! Finally turn the off and look on the walls. If you tend to turn the fans on and off, then about 5 feet and up on your wall, go run your hand along it. If your hand comes back all dusty, then grab the rag! And if you’re not sure if your home gutters are clean, then read the 5 Signs You Require an Expert to Assess Your Gutters.

CleaningEasy Fix #3 – Wall Electrical Plates

Costs less than $10 and some elbow grease: If you have kids or a person who loves to tinker on stuff then I bet you will have this one. Check those electrical switches. Dirty hands leave dirty marks on them. Little pieces of grime left behind. These suckers are less than $1. So if you have some really bad ones, just replace them. Especially the garage door one, the ones in the kitchen that might be greasy, and the ones in kid’s rooms. If you rather hire a professional electrician you can search online for an electrician near me.

Easy Fix #4 – Kitchen Grease Attacking Everything

Just some elbow grease: If you love to cook and especially if you love grease and rarely use the microwave, then I’m speaking to you! I know you clean up after cooking but trust me, that grease has been building a nice film on all your appliances, the lights, the walls, the vent, you name it. Most folks know it is there but hope the grease fairy will sneak in an clean it. Well, get out your tutu and wings, you are now the grease fairy. Get that grease cutter and get to scrubbing!

Easy Fix #5 – Baseboards

Just some elbow grease and kneepads: There is a reason this is last. Let’s face it, if I would have put it first you would have ran for the hills! I’m sorry but you know as well as I do, this one is free but a pain in the kester (or at least the knees)! I’m not talking about the front side (although you want to do that as well) I’m talking about the grime along the top rim. This grime will be tough, I will not lie but it is still gross to potential buyers and you will want to address it.

Ok, so let’s see, for less than $20 plus some cleaning products we have found 5 great ideas to increase the value of your home, if you want some professional help raising your home value, check this link to the Perth Property Valuers logo. Will it equate to thousands of dollars? It just might! If people are passing your home up due to it just not “feeling” clean, you might find yourself doing drops in price that could be in the thousands!

So if you are looking for 5 Easy FREE fixes to Do Prior to Listing Your Home for Sale then start with these five as they are FREE and easy. Ok easy to do but not much fun. But I promise, they will make a HUGE difference! After cleaning, then you might want to go onto intermediate fixes such as lighting fixtures, HVAC repairs, and more. You can visit this website to get an idea.

Oh, and no matter how clean you think your home is….many of you will still find these items in your home! So at least check them out!

Then when you are ready, I’d love to help you sell your Maricopa home!


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