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Buy a Home in Maricopa Arizona


Single Story Homes for Sale in Maricopa

Tired of stairs? Looking for Maricopa Single Story Homes?
Maricopa has single story homes that range from 1000 sq ft all the way to some models that are almost 3,000 sq ft.   The majority of the homes will fall between 1500 and 2200 sq ft. With most having between 3 – 4 bedrooms.


Prices will range from around $165,000 up through $300,000 with most falling between $180,000 and $260,000.
If your goal is to find a home with only one level, then check out these homes. Below a full list of every Active single story home for sale in Maricopa. you can search by price, view location on the map, hit the details page to get all the information in the MLS system, oh and view pictures of the home.


Below are the Single Story Homes for Sale in Maricopa